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Hotspring Down Under: Steven Marolho connects APAC to network of global talent


Where are we now?

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Hotspring community. Since kicking things off in early 2020, we’ve delivered over 8000 shots, expanded our services, launched a brand new website, and introduced some great faces to our team. 

At Hotspring, it’s less about us and more about you. Whether you’re an artist, producer, studio or brand, Hotspring does the heavy lifting to enable you to dream big. Gratefully, we’ve seen this potential come to life and connected great remote talent with studios around the world.

Distant from Hollywood’s bright lights, Australia and its surrounding countries are appearing more and more on directors’ radars as a suitable and desirable film location. As a hardworking collection of studios, Asia Pacific is gearing up for the next level of content creation.

Steven Marolho, Business Development – Asia Pacific

Welcome, Steven!

From the moment he walked into a post-production company, he knew production was meant for him. Now with 20 years of experience firmly under his belt, Steven Marolho is known for his appreciation and respect for the creative process and championing the minds and machines that facilitate it. 

Witnessing the introduction of cable television to Australia back in the 90s, Steven has experienced first hand the way in which the country’s entertainment and advertising industry has evolved to where we are in 2021, with the accessibility and frequency of content that digital filmmaking affords.

Straight out of high school Steven landed a job at Global Television Studios working on telecoms company Optus on their Cable TV broadcast center build, assisting with the physical cabling, equipment installation and construction of the playout HQ. From there, Steven has walked through door after door leading to the oversight of multinational production companies by virtue of his attitude and robust work ethic.

Long established in his home nation of Australia, Steven took the call to develop international production names in Shanghai, China as an opportunity to try something new on paths less trodden, he also spent several years in Los Angeles. Now back in Australia as of 2020, Steven is excited by Asia Pacific’s future as a hub for film production, competing with the spearhead locations of London, New York and Los Angeles and luring back home talent that, in the past, had chosen to practice further afield. With Hotspring now on his dashboard his excitement for APAC’s potential grows.

Steven hopes to make a name for Hotspring within his strong network of industry leaders. Noting the platform’s intuitiveness, he’s confident that Hotspring will play a key role in unlocking the potential of studios large and small south of the equator, only adding to the industry’s current, bubbling momentum.

Steven shares: “In Australia, a lot of studios don’t outsource because they don’t always have that connection. Hotspring changes that. All of a sudden, a small studio in Sydney can get shots done on its latest commercial, with a team they would never have met, creating an economy that works for everybody. Studios can say yes to more work, the artists can rise to fulfil that – this only encourages and fuels the industry.”

He adds: “Hotspring is a clever, well put together and well developed product that’s great to show off. Everybody wants to manage jobs efficiently. Everybody wants to do it faster. Everybody wants to save money. So it’s positive, positive, positive.”

It’s great to have you on board, Steven! 

If you’re in APAC and would like Steven to show you what Hotspring can do, please get in touch directly here to book a demo

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