Compartmentalizing CG asset creation


Across film and TV, more and more projects lean on CG to bring stories to life. In using the power of visual effects to recreate ancient worlds or give life to even the wildest of directors’ visions, almost anything is possible. And it’s up to VFX studios to make it happen. 

A fully-fledged CG pipeline comprises many steps, from concept all the way to finished, composited elements blended seamlessly into their scenes. While each phase requires creative oversight, some stages can be offloaded to remote teams. The compositing step, in particular, lends itself neatly to what’s fast becoming a new paradigm in post production workflows. The benefits of outsourcing tasks can have a dramatic impact financially, operationally, and creatively. 

Adaptable outsourcing

Managing the outsourcing process requires complexity wrapped up in simplicity. With clear creative leadership from producers and supervisors, most projects can be broken up into component parts and distributed among trusted partners. This frees up in-house artists to concentrate on leading the creative team to execute the more subjective elements while making already stretched budgets go further. 

What’s more, by reducing the burden on in-house teams, studios are granted the opportunity to take on more work. Supplementing local teams with reliable, high-quality remote teams is now a key driver in making VFX projects efficient and profitable. 

And it’s not just compositing. The tasks involved in asset creation – modeling, rigging, texturing – are also suited to sharing remotely. These skills are, by their very nature, compartmentalized and can often be completed in advance of a shoot. They’re usually less subjective than FX or character animation, too. So with a clear brief, great reference material, and continuous communication the chances of successful outcomes are almost guaranteed.

Quality and experience

Here at Hotspring, we work with trusted CG teams that have incredible experience in delivering assets for clients across the globe. From character modeling and rigging (including complex facial rigging) to hard surface assets, we’ve worked with VFX studios to outsource high-quality, on-spec asset creation that meets deadlines at the right price. 

We believe in close communication, reliable production, and have the tools and knowledge to make sure CG asset creation is a smooth experience. We can also arrange bespoke teams to make assets at scale and pace for e-commerce or larger brands looking to digitize their inventories or make CG products.

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