Hotspring Delivers for Fashion, Beauty and Apparel Brands


Fast turn around beauty work involving products and people is a specialized niche within the VFX spectrum. As brands have evolved across social platforms, the need to generate high-quality, premium but natural looking imagery in a fast and cost-effective way, has been the challenge facing many brands across apparel, fashion and cosmetics.

Hotspring appoints Arvind Upadhyay as General Manager


As the global platform for discovering and collaborating with international VFX talent, we are thrilled to announce the promotion of Arvind Upadhyay to General Manager.

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Hotspring launches Autonaming to enable seamless integration with client pipelines


Hotspring launches autonaming feature which allows clients to set exact delivery specs, enabling seamless integration with client pipelines.

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Hotspring and Shotgrid can now talk to each other


No more lost notes and doubling up on work to keep the project running smoothly – Autodesk Shotgrid now integrates with Hotspring. 

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Digital Creative Professionals in India


Hotspring gives mobility to international workers living further away from VFX hubs. Avinash Singh, Mayumi Boruah, Rohan Sarkah, Saurabh Thakur and Siddesh Gawade are part of the team based in India who work with Hotspring every day. The five creative professionals located in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune share their experiences of how their lives have been changed by the remote working lifestyle made possible by Hotspring’s platform.

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Creativity unleashed – expanding team and new range of services


Hotspring has been moving from strength to strength over 2021 and 2022. There has been an increasing demand for creative, outsourced VFX work- with the global animation and VFX markets expected to grow at a CAGR of over 11. 5% from 2021 to 2026. 

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Happy International Women’s Day from Hotspring


Hotspring was created with the principle in mind that no matter where our artists and producers decide to reside, they have the chance to build a career on their own terms. On this International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the tremendous value the women on our team bring to the table and share how remote work changed their lives for the better.

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