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Powering outsourcing workflows at Untold Studios


We sat down over video call with Tomek Zietkiewicz, Executive Producer at Untold Studios, to discuss his experience working with the…

VFX at a crossroads: change propelled by new technology


By its very nature, the VFX industry is enabled and determined by emerging technologies. However, the last few years have seen…

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ben stallard

The Future of Hotspring: Ben Stallard talks about his ambitions for the company


We sat down with Ben Stallard, newly appointed Managing Director for Media and Entertainment, to get to know a bit more…

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The security advantages of remote working


Most people working in post-production have, at some point, walked into a lavish office in one of the metropolitan hubs and…

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Filming the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Hotspring Down Under: Steven Marolho connects APAC to network of global talent


Where are we now? It’s an exciting time to be part of the Hotspring community. Since kicking things off in early…

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Daydreamer VFX Teams up with Hotspring for Dynamic Cupra Ad


Decentralised VFX model comes of age for the latest campaign Daydreamer VFX, led by VFX supervisor Pete Rypstra, has pulled together…

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The New Model for VFX: Embracing Technology and Global Networks of Talent


Ben Stallard discusses if it’s really necessary to have a high-cost business model when there’s a more effective way. Building a…

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