Introducing Slapshot, the future of Rotoscoping with Hotspring’s latest innovation


Revolutionise your VFX Rotoscoping game with Slapshot! Say hello to the future of Rotoscoping with Hotspring’s latest innovation, Slapshot – a…

Hotspring’s launch of Slapshot: Revolutionising Rotoscoping with AI – Press Coverage


Hotspring’s launch of Slapshot is set to transform the labour-intensive process of rotoscoping through the power of artificial intelligence. With Slapshot,…

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Hotspring strive to lower Carbon Emissions


At Hotpspring we continuously strive to minimise our carbon footprint even further while delivering exceptional service and quality. As part of…

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Hotspring thrilled to work with Herne Hill on feature film “The First Omen”


Today marks a monumental day for horror as “The First Omen” debuts in theatres. At Hotspring, we’re thrilled to have played…

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Hotspring’s roto services with Phosphene on feature film ‘Maestro’


Step into the world of legendary conductor Leonard Bernstein, portrayed by the incomparable Bradley Cooper, as he navigates a whirlwind of…

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Hotspring’s admission to Google AI Programme’s ‘scale tier’


Hotspring is delighted to share a significant achievement: our admission to the distinguished Google AI Programme’s ‘scale tier’. This milestone underscores…

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How Herne Hill used Hotspring to scale with global talent.


Learn how VFX studio Herne Hill used Hotspring to efficiently harness a global network of VFX teams for ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities`

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