Hotspring and Shotgrid can now talk to each other


Take your VFX pipeline to the next level with Hotspring

No more lost notes and doubling up on work to keep the project running smoothly – Autodesk Shotgrid now integrates with Hotspring. 

Getting the most out of your tools

Our main priority at Hotspring is to give our users the experience of a fully integrated VFX pipeline, with all the agility and none of the hassle. Our new Shotgrid integration feature enables Hotspring’s project management system to automatically sync with Shotgrid, making the feedback loop more efficient.

A smarter and faster way to work: streamlining feedback across systems

The integration eliminates the need to double up on work by having to update two separate project management systems.  Working together with our studio partners, we decided to focus on the primary pain point of our user base – the lack of synchronization for notes and feedback. By addressing this pain point, we’re streamlining the feedback process across systems, enabling frictionless communication between our clients and the Hotspring talent network.

Now, whether you’re sharing annotated frames, comments, or replies in Shotgrid, Hotspring will mirror those conversations complete with links to the files and vice versa. The integration streamlines communication across systems, eliminating the potential for things falling through the cracks as teams are switching between tools. No more confusion about detangling disjointed conversations and rummaging around for the latest version of a file. Everything is instantly visible and at your fingertips. Communication between in-house teams and external talent has never been so easy.

If you’re interested in deploying our new Shotgrid integration, feel free to reach out to the team at and we can get you set up!

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