Hotspring launches Autonaming to enable seamless integration with client pipelines


VFX is an industry with so many moving parts that must all work in unison to produce great work on near-impossible deadlines. To ensure this happens, robust pipelines managing the scalable integration of files are a must for any modern workflow. However, these pipelines come at a cost, chiefly the ability to access a wider network of talent. Getting pipelines to sync with external partners is a consistent issue standing in the way of leveraging external talent.

That’s why we developed our auto-naming feature, which allows clients to set exact delivery specs which will be enforced programmatically across all deliverables on the Hotspring platform. You no longer have to choose between great talent and a scalable workflow. On Hotspring you can do both.

We’re removing the risk of human error. All we require from artists is that they simply tag their files on submission; the platform does the rest – from naming to formatting and organizing the directory structure – based on each client’s exact specifications.

No room for human error means files will come in exactly to spec, every time, saving countless hours of frustration, kickbacks, and manual renaming.

This is one of a suite of features in development to make it easier than ever for clients to seamlessly access the best talent around the world on Hotspring.

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