Hotspring’s launch of Slapshot: Revolutionising Rotoscoping with AI – Press Coverage


Hotspring’s launch of Slapshot is set to transform the labour-intensive process of rotoscoping through the power of artificial intelligence.

With Slapshot, Hotspring are revolutionising the way VFX artists work. The machine learning-driven technology intelligently analyses footage, automatically identifying and tracking objects within a scene. This not only speeds up the rotoscoping process but also enhances accuracy, freeing up valuable time for artists to focus on their creative vision.

The launch of Slapshot has garnered widespread attention within the industry. Leading publications such as TVB Europe, VFX Express, Broadcast, and Lbbol have all highlighted the game-changing potential of our latest tool.

Check out the Press coverage about the launch:

TVB Europe



VFX Express

British Cinematographer

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