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Fast turn around beauty work involving products and people is a specialized niche within the VFX spectrum. As brands have evolved across social platforms, the need to generate high-quality, premium but natural looking imagery in a fast and cost-effective way, has been the challenge facing many brands across apparel, fashion and cosmetics.

In many cases, this is still achieved by old school ‘clean up’ either in-house or using trusted partners. Not everyone can do this work well, in fact, it is a highly specialized field requiring an experienced eye, an understanding of the brand, and great communication between the brand and the artists. 

At Hotspring, we have been working with luxury brands for over a year, providing post-production ‘paint and clean up’ support across multiple formats. Working alongside their in-house teams, our dedicated team of remote artists provides instant scale which allows a greater volume of work to be completed within challenging time frames.

The natural evolution of this process is the digitization of inventories, meaning brands have their products built and ready to use across a range of platforms either in a traditional or real time environment. Almost immediate, high-fidelity asset delivery provides a level of control and opportunity that all brands across these sectors crave. As technology develops, it unlocks more ways for brands to reach potential customers. 

At Hotspring we have the skills and the scale to deliver, both in the traditional way and by creating high-quality CG assets at high volumes.

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