Hotspring’s Top Shots: clients, talent, tech and milestone projects


Hotspring has continued to produce industry leading creative content this year, working with a range of top clients and a talented team of professional VFX artists that continues to grow. 

There has been an increasing demand for creative, outsourced VFX work- with the global animation and VFX markets expected to grow at a CAGR of over 11. 5% from 2021 to 2026. 


Televisual released its compilation of the top commercial VFX houses for 2021-2022, earlier this year. At Hotspring, we were extremely proud to learn we worked with nine out of the top 10, which included: Time Based Arts, MPC, ETC, The Mill, Framestore, Absolute, Untold, Coffee and TV and No 8. 


We have been involved in some of the most high profile episodic and TV projects, including 

  • Peaky Blinders – BBC/Netflix 2021
  • I Came By –  Netflix 2022
  • Winning Time ‘the rise of the Lakers’ – HBO 2022
  • Sandman – Netflix 2022
  • The Crown – Netflix 2021
  • The Winx Saga – Netflix 2022
  • Man vs. Bee – Netflix 2022
  • Wedding Season – Disney+ 2022

Since 1st January 2022 to 12th October 2022, our team has delivered approximately 12,000 shots across nearly 600 projects with 114 different clients – covering services including: comp, paint, matchmove, roto anim, modeling, rigging, texturing, rotoanim, and matte painting. 


Attracting and promoting the best and brightest the industry

We rounded out our executive team with some exceptional talent. Hotspring welcomed Andra Bard as Executive Producer, Nico Cotta as Global Creative Director and Anshul Gattani as Senior Producer. We also recently promoted Arvind Upadhyay to General Manager and appointed Gemma Humphries as Executive Producer..


Committed to enhancing the Hotspring platform

Hotspring launched Autonaming to enable seamless integration with client pipelines. Our auto-naming feature, which allows clients to set exact delivery specs is being enforced programmatically across all deliverables on the Hotspring platform. You no longer have to choose between great talent and a scalable workflow. On Hotspring you can do both.

Autodesk Shotgrid now integrates with Hotspring. The integration eliminates the need to double up on work by having to update two separate project management systems.  Working together with our studio partners, we decided to focus on the primary pain point of our user base – the lack of synchronization for notes and feedback. By addressing this pain point, we’re streamlining the feedback process across systems, enabling frictionless communication between our clients and the Hotspring talent network.

From talent to tools – Hotspring’s range of services is expanding

Our global team of handpicked professionals is ready to become an extension of your in-house VFX team and help you realize your creative vision. From rotoscoping, clean up, and tracking to compositing and CG asset creation, we provide access to a worldwide network of experienced artists, assembling agile teams tailored to your project’s needs.

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